I’m a high-school English teacher turned school administrator in New Jersey.

As an educator, I  believe that technology is in many ways the key to bridging the widening, yawning chasm between what “school” means to a lot of kids and the realities of their world, their expectations for their future, and their potential.  Educational technology can empower kids to create knowledge, make meaning, transfer knowledge to new situations, and do things not possible even the day before.  As a  lover of the humanities, I’m cautious about what technology will do to our sense of human pride– the idea that there are things we can do that computers cannot do, and that how we act towards each other matters much more than anything else.

I’m writing to try to reach people who think in the same way, and those who think differently.  I don’t get paid to write, I don’t endorse any products, and I won’t be on the cover of any cereal box.  So if you think differently, I’d love for you to challenge me, because the most exciting thing that can happen to a mind is to have itself changed.

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